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Boeckh Investment Letter

Investment and economic commentary by J.Anthony Boeckh and Robert Boeckh

The Great Reflation

How Investors can Profit from the New World of Money

Written by J. Anthony Boeckh, a Wiley publication

great_reflationThe extended bubble in the credit, housing, and financial markets created twenty-five years of artificial prosperity and wealth. The bubble has burst and much of the inflated wealth is gone. The government has attempted to pump air back into the bubble in a financial experiment of unprecedented magnitude. The goal is to reinflate markets, save banks and corporations, and reduce unemployment. This has created another artificial world and will have unintended consequences—both bullish and bearish. One thing is certain, financial turbulence will be greatly increased.

In The Great Reflation , author Tony Boeckh, a forty year market veteran, helps you understand this new world of money and how it will play out for investments and business. Engaging and insightful, this timely guide provides you with the tools to navigate the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Divided into three comprehensive parts—Financial Instability; The Markets: Preparing for the New Investment Environment; and The Future: Is a Return to Lasting Stability Possible?—The Great Reflation will help you come to grips with our volatile new world and acquire a framework for understanding and controlling risk as well as preserving and enhancing wealth. Page by page, this book:

  • Arms you with practical insights that will allow you to evaluate different investment options and manage your money more effectively
  • Explores the implications of the end of the private debt cycle, the rise of the government debt cycle, the new age of private thrift, and the threats to the U.S. dollar and global financial system
  • Reveals proper portfolio diversification strategies as well as how you can profit from the Great Reflation
  • And much more.

Engaging and informative, The Great Reflation provides investors with the knowledge, insights, background, and tools for both building and protecting wealth, and allows you to find financial opportunities in the economic challenges that lie ahead.

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Praise for the Great Reflation

"Tony Boeckh analyzes clearly the frightening range of factors contributing to the recent financial crisis. If that doesn’t make you think carefully, his investment strategies for a world still facing high levels of risk will certainly have you riveted."

—Hon. Michael Wilson, former Ambassador from Canada to the United States; former Canadian Finance Minister


"The Great Reflation is essential reading for serious, thinking investors everywhere. Tony Boeckh has been studying and writing accurately about economic and investment cycles for as long as anyone. As we enter the final stages of the grand cycle, with governments everywhere stretching the limits of debt and stimulus, who better than Tony to show us how this will all end, and even more important, how to position our investments and our lives to make sure we not only survive, but prosper."

—John Mauldin, Editor, Thoughts from the Frontline; three-time New York Times bestselling author; President, Millennium Wave Investments


"This book is a must-read. Tony, from all his years guiding the excellent analytic work of the Bank Credit Analyst presents a realistic outline of the post-crisis world, the many challenges, and the exciting and unpredictable times ahead."

—Jim O’Neill, Head of Global Economic Research, Goldman Sachs


"The Great Reflation is by far the best economic and investment book that I have read in the last ten years. Tony is a seasoned historian, economist, and strategist with a unique ability to explain complex issues in simple, readable terms. These are illustrated with numerous charts on economic and financial trends that put current conditions in a historical context."

—Marc Faber, Editor, The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report


"This book is written by one of the long-standing and highly recognized veterans in the field of investments. In highly readable form, it covers important forces influencing investments and a very detailed evaluation of the key sectors of investment opportunities."

—Henry Kaufman, Henry Kaufman & Company Inc.


"Tony Boeckh is a first-rate investment intellect whose work I have read for years, and his thoughts on the crisis are well-worth reading and contemplating."

—Barton M. Biggs, managing partner, Traxis Partners; Author, Hedgehogging and Wealth, War, and Wisdom


"The Great Reflation is part history, part theory, part textbook and part prophecy—lucid, persuasive and a good read. The title says it all. There was the 1930s Great Depression and the 1970-80s Great Inflation, but never before has a great recession been averted by an unprecedented great reflation. Nobody knows and history can’t tell us what the upshot will be; there are no road maps. Instead, Tony Boeckh tells us what sign posts to look for. It will have a place on my shelves and I expect many others."

—Brian Reading, founder of Lombard Street Research World Service, former adviser to UK Treasury and to the governor of the Bank of England


"Tony pioneered the concept of the debt Supercycle in the 1970s and his book, The Great Reflation has proven that he is the ultimate macro thinker. This book is a must read for all investors who strive for financial success in an extremely risky world."

—Chen Zhao, chief global strategist and managing editor, Bank Credit Analyst Research Group


"Tony Boeckh, long time Editor and Publisher of the prestigious Bank Credit Analyst, has called on all of the experience of a brilliant analytical and forecasting career to write The Great Reflation. Weaving together today’s unprecedented and complex economic, monetary, and investment conditions, Tony lays out the uncomfortable truths that investors must understand and deal with in order to protect capital and invest profitably in the years ahead. The Great Reflation is imperative reading for all serious investors and businesspeople."

—Eldon Mayer, former CEO and CIO of Lynch & Mayer, Inc.; New York-based institutional asset manager


"Few people know as much as Tony Boeckh does about the relationships between the economies and the financial markets. In his book, he gives us a much-needed road map on how to invest given the tremendous convulsions we are going through. It is a must read for every investor."

—Charles Gave, chairman, GaveKal Research