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Boeckh Investment Letter

Investment and economic commentary by J.Anthony Boeckh and Robert Boeckh

Market Analysis

Our Philosophy

It has been proven time and time again that investment success has two key ingredients - understanding and acting on the few things that really matter, and focusing on sound process. Consistently good outcomes are the result of following those principles. This is what The Boeckh Investment Letter strives to bring to its clients and is why it has an outstanding track record. Our approach is based on the following:

  • Money and credit movements are critical in determining basic trends in key investment markets
  • Eclecticism and reliance on a variety of different tools and thought processes produce consistency in results
  • Simplicity is essential in cutting through the constant chatter of the noise peddlers and getting to the key factors affecting markets
  • Challenging collective "wisdom"
  • Focus on aligning investment policy with the long-term fundamental forces such as Schumpeter’s creative destruction, Kondratiev's long wave, corporate profitability, inflation and interest rate trends and the debt supercycle.

Asset Allocation

The core of our product is a quarterly asset allocation report which provides analysis of the risk-reward profile of the key asset classes: stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and gold.  Our recommendations are based on analysis of the global macro environment, and are further refined by valuation and technical indicators, as well as the correlation between asset classes.

Read a sample of our Asset Allocation Reports here.